Can I get pregnant while I am on the Depo Prevera shot and what should I do?

Jennifer - posted on 10/21/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am 73 days late and have been on the Depo Prevera shot, took it regularly. No period. I should be in my eleventh week. I have had all the pregnancy symptoms and for the last two weeks, I have been feeling the butterfly feelings in my lower abdomen and on sides. I have four other children. My ex and i had unprotected sex while on it. We broke up about three weeks ago.

I went and had a pregnancy test yesterday and my urine test came back negative. I believe what my body says. I'm going to get a second opinion this week and want an ultrasound this week.

I figure if i am I would love it no matter what. And I think my ex would be good about helping. He's an older man.

To top off my dilemna I have out of contol neighbors upstairs that is putting me in danger. A massive fight escalated and she shot two shots out at a guy who took off. They are all guilty and there are four people involved in crime and a death threat. It's putting me in danger as I'm finding out more that i shouldn't know.


Denikka - posted on 10/21/2012




No birth control method is 100%. Only complete abstinence is the 100% way to prevent pregnancy. If you've had sex, then there is a chance that you can be pregnant. it's good that you're going in for a second opinion. Insist on a blood test (more accurate) and an ultrasound. Those should tell you whether or not you really are pregnant.

Do your best to move out of the place you're at. Or get the upstairs neighbors removed. Talk to your landlord or even to the police. Shooting a firearm within city limits is usually illegal. She could even be put away for assault with a deadly weapon or something else. Talking to your landlord might get her evicted. You have to protect yourself and your children.

I wish you the best :)

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