Can I give my month old ceral?

Renee Michelle - posted on 01/25/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




My month old daughter is drinking 4-12oz ever 1-3 hours. She seems interested in foods and juices. Ive giving her watered down apple juice when she was constapated and it didnt seem to bother her any. She watchs me eat and keeps her mouth open. Can I start giving her small amounts of ceral in a bottle with the breastmilk or with juices?


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Dove - posted on 01/25/2013




At a month? No. She should be having nothing except breast milk or formula at this age. Her stomach is also only the size of her fist, so I wouldn't give her more in the bottle than the size of her fist at a time. Her stomach could be getting stretched out if you are giving her 12oz at once which may be why she is always hungry. You can always give her MORE to drink after a little while, but not too much at once.

September - posted on 01/25/2013




No and why would you want to? She is far too young for anything other than breast milk or formula. I can never understand why parents want to rush into feeding such little ones solids. It can be harmful and it's not nutritious in any way anyhow. 4-6 months is the recommended age for introducing solids. When you do offer cereal offer it with a spoon, not added to her bottle. As far as juice goes wait as long as you can before introducing juice. Start with just plain water once she is old enough for it. Our son didn’t have juice until he was almost 2 years old and even then I diluted it. He is 4 now and will ask for water before he asks for anything else. Creating healthy eating habits starts at a young age and pays off when they are older.

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