can I put my baby on baby walker at five month?


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Jodi - posted on 08/15/2013




If your baby was meant to walk at 5 months, your baby would be walking. If your baby was meant to be upright for any length of time at 5 months, your baby would be standing. Your baby's bones are NOT ready to be upright, and in particular, your baby's hips are not ready to have this level of weight put on them.

If you do your research, you will find that physical therapists, in general, have an issue with walkers because people put their babies in them before they are ready and it creates unnecessary physical problems in the future.

On another level, by putting them in walkers, you may also be removing an opportunity for their physical development in another critical area, such as crawling or sitting. It changes the way they work their muscles.

I never used walkers. My children were walking on their own at 9 and 10 months respectively. I just let them do what babies do in a way that is natural to them.

Caroline - posted on 08/15/2013




It is suggested not to the last time someone told me. I would say that you should consult your babies development. If he/she has good control over their movements (holding head up, turning head to look at something, moving to grab things, ect.) and you are comfy with it then it is ok. Just watch them closely until they get the hang of it. If you have any doubts about it or they just don't look like they are comfortable then don't do it. I believe that as mother's our best decisions are made when we listen to our own intuition. God gave it to us for a reason. I hope this helps.

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