can i sleep with my newborn?

Shayna - posted on 08/19/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I know the dangers. But I'm a very light sleeper and I have a very big king size bed. I noticed that at nearly 2weeks old when I put him in his crib he does not sleep as well. But the moment I lay him on my bed, I lay next to him and he goes to sleep for 2 hours at a time. Leaving me time to do my online classes . Has anyone else done this? Is it bad? Is it ok? I love my son and hate to hear him cry. It breaks my heart. Right now he's next to me sleeping peacefully with NO PACIFIER :) shocking!


Sarah - posted on 08/19/2013




There are mixed reviews/suggestions as to co-sleeping, some very for and some very against. I think each person has to make the decision as to what they are willing to risk and for what. Much like the rest of parenting there is not going to be an easy answer one way or the other you just have to take the knowledge and then make your own decision as to how/what you will do with your own child.

I did not co-sleep with my kids.....we have a waterbed, so it was not possible to co-sleep. There were some nights that I did end up on the couch or in the rocking chair sleeping with my newborn in arms because that was the only way we got sleep. I will admit that if I had a bed that was safe to co-sleep in I probably would have done that those nights. In the long run though I was thankful for having a bed that did not allow that. We did not start a habit of my kids wanting to be in our bed or wanting me to lay by them in order for them to sleep. Both my husband and I enjoy and like that when we go to bed that that is our time.....that is pretty much the only time we do get with each other sometimes. I often hear my friends talk and others on here about how they struggle with getting their kids to sleep in their own bed or to sleep without them by their side when they are use to sleeping in your bed or having you lay beside them to get them to sleep. I was more willing to spend a few nights on the couch or rocking chair to avoid years of trying to wean them from me or the bed. All of my kids were sleeping through the night by 5/6 months old and from then on we have never had any night time issues. Mine are now 15 yrs., 12 yrs, and 2 yrs.

Some of the things that helped me to get them to sleep better when they were little was to middle one liked her arms out and my youngest liked her arms it but it looser on the legs. I also used a sound machine with white noise to drown out any sudden also makes a nice soothing sound that can lull you to sleep. I made the rooms darker by either putting up towels over the blinds or getting curtains to go over the blinds. As my kids grew out of that newborn stage I would keep nap times and bed times around the same time each day....this helps your body to know when it is sleep time and when it is awake time. I would also allow them to fuss a little before I went in to check on them. I found that sometimes they were just moving or had woken up just a little but not fully and if I let them be they would put themselves back to sleep.

Another thing you could think about if you are wanting to co-sleep is getting a co-sleeper. These make it safe for baby to be next to you. There are two different is one that you can put in your bed that creates a box around baby....this helps for roller over, and also blankets and pillows ending up by baby....kind of creates a "safe" zone. One thing with those though is that if you have a soft bed then that is not safe for baby and is a SIDS risk. The other co-sleeper is just like a pack-n-play, but on one of the sides it is open and hooks onto your bed. This allows baby to have that "safe" zone where no pillows/blankets can go by them, or you don't have to worry about rolling over. But it also has a firm bed so baby is not at risk of SIDS.

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