Can my 5 months old baby girl be delayed? PLEASE i Need your advice!

Angie - posted on 12/28/2014 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hello everyone!
My 5 months baby girl is very lazy when I put her on her tummy, she cries after 3 minutes and starts hitting her head in the floor. She cannot seat unsupported or if she does it's only for 10 seconds. She barely rolls over ( I think i have seen her doing it only one or twice and ONLY to her left side). My husband keeps telling me that i need to freak out with the situation. He believes I'm paranoiac and too rough with the baby. Please HELP!


Sarah - posted on 12/28/2014




Most babies don't sit unsupported until 6 months or older. It is rare to find a 5 month old sitting unsupported. Rolling over really just depends on the baby. Some do it early and others later. My guess is that your baby is just where she should be developmentally, but the best person to ask would be your doc as he sees her on a regular basis.


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Ev - posted on 12/29/2014




These other two ladies are right. Just take a breath. Your husband is right too. You are freaking out way too much over it. As said, milestones are a guideline and nothing more than that. I had a child of my own that did not sit unsupported until he was more than 6 months old. He was not lazy or anything but he was a bigger baby and it was more difficult to hold up the extra weight. By the time he got to 10 months he was sitting up, standing up along things like furniture, and walking around them. By 13.5 months he was walking on his own. His sister was the same age when she first walked and she was a smaller baby. It does not make them lazy or delayed if they do not do things right on the dot as you seem to think they should.

Michelle - posted on 12/29/2014




Step back and breathe, firstly, stop comparing your baby to others. Your child will do things at her own pace and not before.
The milestone ages are just a guideline and does not mean if they aren't doing a certain thing by a certain time they are delayed.
My advice is to stop worrying and enjoy your baby. Stop forcing these "milestones" and appreciate when your child does something new.
My oldest son hated being on his tummy but was walking by 11 months, so just chill!

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