can my babys dad fight for custody?

Lizz - posted on 01/06/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




i moved in with my boyfriend at 17 because i turned out pregnant but we DID NOT get legally married, we lived together for 18months and i cheated on him:( sadly he is not my true love, but now were not together although he dosnt know i cheated i was wondering can he fight for custody of our son if he finds out i cheated but we never got married? plz help


Dove - posted on 01/06/2013




He can fight for custody at any time and for any reason. Doesn't mean he will win though. Some states have different laws (especially for unmarried couples) and I hear that some states are still 'mom states', but that others are 'dad' states. Generally speaking though, I think 'most' courts like to go w/ 50/50 custody whenever possible as it is typically better for the kids to have both parents equally involved in their lives.


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Jodi - posted on 01/06/2013




At any point, he could demand a DNA test and fight for shared custody. Whether he was the love of your life or not is irrelevant. You made your bed, now you have to lie in it (no pun intended). This applies whether you cheated, he cheated, whatever. You have sex with a man, you can get pregnant (hope you used protection when you cheated on him), you get pregnant, both parents have rights AND the baby has a right to a relationship with both biological parents.

And if you don't love him, don't stay with him just because of the baby. That's unfair on everyone.

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