can my sons father take him from me?

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my sons father left me when i was pregnant, and i finally got in contact with him when my son was 9 months old. my son is now 10 months old and his father is threating me saying that he is gonna take full custody of our son once he gets his apartment. He is in the military and im worried that hes gonna try everything to get our son. we came up with our own custody agreement and had it notorized and he keeps going against it already, i know he is gonna try and use everything he can against me. what can i do? can he actually take our son away from me 100%? please help me because ive been in tears. mind you he is an asshole towards me and is verbally abusive and has even done it infront of our son, and "play" hits me but he has left bruises from that.


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Marni - posted on 09/21/2012




Hi Samantha,

First, there is no way your ex can take your child from you, unless he proves you are a unfit mother, ie, taking drugs, or drinking like an alcoholic. I have had 5 years of hell and spent a lot of money on this issue.

My suggestion would be to document everything, the verbal abuse, the bruises, what he says in front of the child etc. Most fathers threaten that & never keep the most time they will get which is 50 percent, majority of men what take all there time. Mine ex-husband does but that is very rare. He left, when you where pregnant the courts don't look favorable on that. Keep your kid with you in your home as much as you can. Besides, isn't he in the military? doesn't he have to go away sometimes? You keep loving your child and make a safe home for him and focus on you too.

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i really dont want him around our son at all. i dont trust him and i dont know who hes bringing around our son. he doesnt talk to me much when he has our son with him so i never know whats going on. it worries me and i hate how he treats me and i dont know how he is treating our son when im not there. he wasnt diognosed but im pretty sure he has PTSD but he wont get checked out for it, idk what more to do

Michelle - posted on 09/20/2012




If it is bruising it is not a play hit. That is physical abuse. He would have to prove that you were an unfit mother in order to fully take your son from you. I would say you need to get a lawyer now and start the process to get a legal custody agreement done specifying when he has access then stick to it if he deviates from the agreement he is then in contempt of court.

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