Can positive testing for cat allergy be the cause of eczema?

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Hello ladies,

My son has eczema and we finally got a RAST test done, which showed him being very highly allergic to cat dander. My husband and I are both also allergic to cats but we get the more common cat allergy symptoms, similar to cold symptoms - stuffy nose, itcy eyes, etc., not eczema. We don't own any pets but both setsof grandparents have cats, whose house my son visits on a daily basis. I was curious if anyone had the same situation and whether avoiding cats resolved

their child's eczema.



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I agree with Julianne. I will occasionally get a patch of eczema, but it is when I am under high levels of stress, or panic attacks, and my immune system is shot. It should not be from the cats, but ask your pediatrician to make sure.

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Eczema is not allergies. They are both problems with the immune system but they are not the same thing. An allergy is a hypersensitivity disorder of the immune system. While eczema is a skin condition that is brought on by the immune system exaggerated response to a number of different things.Including Stress, allergies, under active thyroid, asthma etc. So if you have allergies and take a reaction, it causes eczema to react and flair up.

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My son had severe eczema when he was around 1 year old. We had him tested and (of the 16 or so things he was tested for) he reacted strongly to cat dander. Our cat had passed away by then, but grandma had 2. She would come over and babysit weekly and "reintroduce" the cat dander. We started keeping a set of her clothes at our house and washing them with our laundry. Also we stopped letting him pet cats and his eczema cleared up. We have not had a problem with it until a few months ago (he is 5 now)when we moved into a new house that had had a cat in it. It most certainly could be cat exposure.

Good luck!

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Eczema is allergies. Cats may not be the only thing causing it, but it should at least get less if you cut the cat dander. I'd cut his visits to homes that have cats for at least a month, see how much it helps. You'll then be able to make a decision on whether to allow him around cats again.

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Yes, exposure to allergens can cause eczema flareups. Even if you eliminate the cat dander, your son may still get flareups.

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