Can skim milk harm an infant?

Michelle - posted on 10/28/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




My daughter is almost 9 months old, every time my 2 1/2 year old son puts down his sippy cup she goes after it. It's usually skim milk, can her drinking that harm her system? She usually has breastmilk or sugar free juice in her sippy cups


Michelle - posted on 10/28/2010




his dr told him that after 2 he doesn't need whole milk anymore and whole milk makes him sick and lactose free milk makes him constipated and soy makes him sick so he can only have skim its the only milk he's okay with


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Jane - posted on 10/28/2010




nah, I don't think it will harm her at all. Just make sure she's not drinking it as her main supplement.

Kelina - posted on 10/28/2010



235 I don't think a little bit of skim milk is going to harm her if she steals it from him lol. My son doesn't get juice or anything other than water in his sippy cup but occasionally he'll steal someone elses sippy cup with something else in it. It's no big deal as long as they're not getting it on a regular basis.

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There is nothing wrong with a bit of juice watered down. It is recommended that children drink homogonized milk until at least 2 years of age. Skim milk before 2 is not good at all. It is not fatty at all and they need that. I have also been told that if you give them skim or 2% before 2 years old, it can cause internal bleeding.

Michelle - posted on 10/28/2010




lol i tried telling him it's his sippy and only his and when he's done then put it on the table and he goes look i share and gives it to his sister lol and i say honey Lili has her own sippy this one is yours and he just smiles and puts it down lol

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A little bit isn't going to hurt her, since she's getting all the nutrition she needs from breast milk. I wouldn't sweat it as long as she's not getting so much that her intake of breast milk goes down drastically. If it bothers you though, maybe you could give your son a special spot in the house just for his cup? You know, make him feel special and that this is "only his spot" and tell him he has to put his sippy there when he's done with it, so that she can't get it. Just a thought :)

Alison - posted on 10/28/2010




I'd be more concerned about the juice.

The main reason that you should not give your infant cow's milk before 12 months is because it does not contain the iron that breast milk and formula do, which is much needed for her development.

Has your doctor recommended skim milk for your 2 1/2 year old?

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