can sombody please help me!! im really scared that my kids father will take them away from me.. he threatened with kidnapping them..i dont know what to do i havent file for child support because his parents start telling me he will have more rights over my kids..and i havent gone to court because im scared he will win and take them away ffrom me..i been living with them for almost 3 years already they go to school everyday i take them to all their dentist and doctor appointment he doesnt do anything... and he also does drugs the problem is that his parents cover for him.. i live with somebody that helps me with everything for my kids .. the person that comes and pick up the kids are his parents when we used to live together he will steal my money,food stamps powder milk, and he stole my son ds after one week of me buying it for him..and was never there with us always on the streets..and now he wants to make me believe he changed.. about a week ago he was again doing drugs and stealing from his mom and i know that because a friend that lives there tells me because his parents lie for him..can somebody please help me what can i do?


Jodi - posted on 10/17/2012




I gave you advice on this a few days ago. GET A LAWYER! Honestly, no-one here can help you if you don't help yourself. Even you said a lawyer had told you to file for full custody. You can keep posting, but I honestly can't see you are going to get a different response than to get a lawyer and file for custody and child support. Right now, as long as you have no court order, he could legally kidnap them if he chose to.

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