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i'm a military wife for 8 years and have 2 wonderful daughters. A couple months ago i caught him cheating with another woman, he begged for us not to leave and suggested that we send the kids home to my mom temporarily so that they wont see us fight and so that we could do marriage counselling and so we did but when we went to get marriage counseling he told me he didnt want to go through it cause they would kick him out if they found out that he's not mentally fit to be in the military. As the weeks passed our fights have gotten worst and the most recent one was when he shoved me in the sofa and started shouting at me and acted like he was going to hit me, so what i did is i hopped in the next mac flight out to my mom ( luckily there was one a couple hours after we fought). Now he's threatening me that i would only get 1/4 of his base pay for the kids and that i wouldnt get any, plus he's threatening that he would get the kids from me. I want to go back there to make sure that me and my kids are getting what rightfully ours but i dont know where to start or where to go for help. does anybody have any advice for a fellow wife.. i need help..


Lacye - posted on 10/24/2012




You really need to find a lawyer if you are going to go through with a divorce. If you can't afford one, you can try legal aid. He's full of shit about the marriage counselling though. That would not have anything to do with his military career. The thing that would hurt him the most was if he had left a mark on you after shoving you into the couch. His superiors would have been all over his ass for that one.

Anyways, you can go ahead and file for separation or divorce now if you want to. You don't have to be in the same state as him. As for the kids, I kinda doubt he would get custody. He would have to prove you are an unfit mother, which he can't, and with him being in the military, they are less likely because he does not really have a stable home.

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