Can someone help,,,I am having a problem with my son's teacher........

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I am the type of mom, who wants homework to be sent home. Where the teacher and I are a team in my child's education, but for some odd reason, the teacher my son has will not work with me. My family and I moved to Texas a few months ago from Wisconsin, and everything that my child is learning now he already learned last year. Neatness and accuracy was very important, so with the help of (the tag team; myself and his teacher) he learned to take his time and do the work right. Being in Texas now, with the change of the teaching style, my son is being rushed to do everything at school (nothing is being sent home).............. I don't know what to do, because after I talked to the principle, she started to pick on him (like taking his belongs away for days at a time). I called her, emailed her and no reply,,,,,,I had to call the school counselor to be apart of a meeting come tomorrow and I don't know how to approach the situation,,,,,,,


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Gwen - posted on 09/19/2012




Be calm and be honest about your past experiences vs. current experiences. Different teaching styles don't necessarily make one school good and one school bad. If the school system in TX has different methods than you are used to, you are also going to have to be willing to have some flexibility and adapt. If this teacher does not assign homework, then it is not reasonable to expect her to send only your son's work home for him to do. What would he be working on in class when the other students are doing the assignment? Also, (where your son's belongings are concerned) be willing to listen and accept the fact that your son may have some responsibility in this. You might be right and they ARE picking on him, but also consider the possibility that he may be having some behavioral problems during the adjustment period. I'm just throwing that out there because we all like to believe that our kids would never get in trouble at school!

Now, I'm not saying that you are wrong to feel the way you do, or that the school hasn't messed up. I'm just suggesting that you go in there with an open mind and listen to their side. Be willing to come to a compromise for the sake of your son.

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