can someone please help, im getting a little scared....

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okay so my son will be nine months old on the 11th of jan. he has his nine month check up coming next week. yesterday i noticed he started to catch my husbands cold, runny nose cough grouchy slight fever ect. hes never been sick before and this is my first child so that made me nervous. i called his doctor and they told me to give him infant pediacare 1.25mg doses every four hours as needed. so today i noticed hes had ALOT of gas then i go to change his diaper and it looks kind of like coffee grounds so of course i google it and alot of people are saying it could be a sign of stomach bleeding. now hes not acting like his stomach hurts and his cold symptoms are better than they were yesterday hes been in a better mood playing babbling and stuff and his appetite is better than it was yesterday. i was so relieved....until this. a couple of things i read said it might be juice or blueberries. he has been drinking juicy juice mango diluted half and half and i gave him gerber stage 2 foods apples and blueberries yesterday. his doc appt is next friday hes sitting next to me right now trying to talk to me looks like hes feeling much better so idk what to do he has only had one bm that looks like this. anybody have any suggestions?

ps sorry so much info but i figured it might help... :)


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Michelle - posted on 01/05/2013




Google is the worst thing to look at to diagnose.

It would most likely be what he has been eating and drinking. He really doesn't need juice anyway, water is best with a baby.

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