can someone tell me how i get my son 3yrs old to stop coughing?

Ayla - posted on 10/15/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




what can i do for my 3yr old at night to stop coughing ive tried every medicine (coughing) ?


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Brianna - posted on 07/03/2016




night time cough in children if accompanied by wheezing sound may be due to asthma, so guys don't take it easy and visit some children specialist as soon as possible, but if it is not asthma and just because of some kind of allergies, you can try toddler magic tea, for general cough it is a good cure because it is a blend of natural herbs that we are frequently using in our kitchen.try it once,it's really the best thing for toddlers cough issues.

Jodi - posted on 10/15/2012




My daughter develops a night time cough in the cooler months, and she was diagnosed with seasonal asthma, so we have her on a preventative during those months, and a ventolin puffer if she gets bad. Before she was prescribed the preventative, we used to use a vaporiser, which helped with her breathing. We still use that if she is a little snuffly.

Bobbie - posted on 10/15/2012




Is it a dry cough? Only while sleeping? It could be that his adenoids and tonsils are enlarged and when his mouth is relaxed it could be blocking his airway. A cough can be the way in which his body is reacting to clear that space to allow proper airflow. Another condition could be that he has sinus or allergies, indoor / outdoor. If this is the case he could be swallowing the drainage during the day but at night it will drain in the back of his throat and his body will cough to clear it.

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