can teachers be bullies

Never - posted on 04/02/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




This is actually serious question. This annoying teacher in my school keeps smirking at me and he says stop eating and then he starts eating chicken and says oh no don't cry about it,vegan. And he keeps annoying me. I just glare at him .Then he said stop wearing your coat when it's freezing cold and keeps saying water is too healthy for you to drink,wheres the energy drinks and then he keeps smiling at me. Is that bullying? I nearly told him to f off last week. It's getting annoying now.

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Dove - posted on 04/02/2015




You can't expect to act how you act 99% of the time and then have ANYONE take you seriously on here. I attempted that a couple of times... as most on here WILL do considering we are moms and you are a troubled child... but you've made it perfectly clear that you think there is nothing wrong and you don't want help... so what are you looking for by posting this? Sympathy or help? That ship has long sailed...

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