Can the father get rights to my daughter?

Tiffani - posted on 02/26/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




My daughter is 2 1/2. When I was pregnant I told him and he denied it and hasnt been a part of her life. He is a liar and has a big background with drugs, he has recently come back and says he wants rights to her. He did see her twice in her life but not within the last year. I am very nervous because I want nothing more than for him to stay out of our lives. I don't need his money nor anything else. Please help????


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Michelle - posted on 02/27/2015




You had a child with him, that doesn't give you the right to dictate if her Father sees HIS child or not.
He has just as much right as you.
You need to get yourself a lawyer and get visitation, custody and child support orders in place.

Dove - posted on 02/26/2015




Get a lawyer and get custody, visitation, and child support orders in place. If he takes you to court... he will get visitation rights at the very least whether you like it or not...

Ev - posted on 02/26/2015




You should have set up custody, visitation and child support since it sounds like you have not done so. If he comes and takes her for a day at the park for instance he does not have to give her back to you because you have no court orders saying who has what in them. Also you can not keep him out of her life. He is her father. He has every right just as you do to see her. If you want to get supervised visits or none at all then you need to have proof that he is doing drugs and has been arrested, tried and convicted of some drug crime. If not, then there is nothing but your words that he does this. If there is nothing to prove him a danger to the child you can not stop him from trying to gain a portion of custody as well. You need to talk to a lawyer ASAP.

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