Can we afford another child?

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Okay so here's the deal. I have terrible baby fever as does my husband. Our little girl is just over 8 months for we've been toying with the idea of another baby for 4 or so months now. She's truly changed our lives so much and we do want 4-6 kids(if medically resonable as I had a c-section and if the lining of the uterus is too thin it could be dangerous) by the time we are 30. We are young but we've managed to do everything on our own and pay for everything on our own. I'm a stay at home mom and plan to keep doing that with all of our kids while they are young, unless I have a change of heart. Here are what our finances look like:

Rent- $500/month (looking into homes but they won't count overtime since he has not been there 2 years yet, but income is about $1000 dollars of our monthly income and he CAN count on it every day)

Gas- $100

Car and insurance- $300

Food- $400

Misc.- $100

Diapers(as of now)- $30

Other bills- $200 on a high month

The cost of another baby will be about $7000 for delivery.

We do not have cable or plan on getting it as it's pretty pointless.

He brings home a min. of $1300 every two weeks and gets a raise every 3 months, he also gets a bonus when they finish a well and a holiday bonus of about $250 and about $500 for Christmas. His income is after insurance is taken out as well. Like I said, we are young and just want to make sure we can handle another child. Thank you for you input. Don't say anything about how we won't make enough to support the child we have because I assure you, we do. She has a college fund, more clothes and toys than she needs, and I go shopping quite often, and we still manage with plenty left over. Also, me working is not an option right now as I am a full time student! So working when I'm not in school would put us in the hole in terms of daycare!

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