can you get pregnant off the implanon implant???

Sandra - posted on 08/15/2009 ( 15 moms have responded )




i have had the implanon implant for 8 months now and for the last three months it has been itchy and sore.........when i push on both ends of the implant i can almost break it in half........the middle of the implant is mkin bubbles in my arm ........u can clearly see it in my arm and feel nothing but bumps when u touch it.....iv nva fort nfn of it b4 now ...... about 6 weeks ago i missed my period but didn fink nfn of it has i kno the implant can mess periods up ...... but six weeks on i m vomiting daily ..... craving certain foods and getting ill when i travel on buses trains or in constantly feeling exhausted and i get bad stabbing pains in my arm the implant is in ,...... it also sometimes has spasms ...........about 7 weeks ago though i collapsed and fell on my arm which my implant is in and pinned a arm was completely dead for 5 weeks and im woundering wetha were iv also dislodged a bone in my upper arm which is very close to my implant ...wetha this has cut my implant or something???.......has the nerve trapped was just above the implant???.........anyone kno??


Emma - posted on 09/12/2013




how can I get pregnant on the rod iv had it in 3 years and it needs to be out in November but me and my boyfriend wants one now iv been to the doctors and they said they want be able to take it out until November:/

Ashely - posted on 10/24/2012




I really didnt understand what you were saying in the paragraph I hope your not pregnant

work on your grammar and learn how to spell before having intercourse again this wil help you in the future I promise

Adriana - posted on 08/24/2013




hello i am using implant as birth control since feb 2012. i just wanted to know if u guys have funny kine of bleeding.

Lindsay - posted on 05/15/2013




You can but it is VERY RARE and usually due to improper placement. I thought I was for sure! (3months late and preg symptoms!) Turns out I have a cyst - a type that can cause a faint false positive on home preg tests, and explain ALL symptoms. 52 out of 2,406 in a 1999 FDA survey reported this, versus the MUCH less likely pregnancy. Cysts are common and unless they rupture there are few complications due to them. I'm sure you have your answer by now, but I thought this might help women googling Implanon pregnancies. :) An ultrasound will confirm one way or the other but I had to go to the ER cause when you say "I think I'm prego on Implanon." to your OB he might just laugh you out of his office, like mine did. X_X


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Florence - posted on 09/15/2009




i really feel for you coz that implant is really causing you some damage,but first things first,visit a doctor and get that thing off coz it aint good for you then get a pregnancy test done to eliminate the chances of you being pregnant then if not pregnant get anatha family planning method that is going to suit you.your doctor will help you choose

Tara - posted on 08/15/2009




I would get in to a doctor ASAP - the implant could definitely be damaged and will cause more harm than good now - I would have it removed immediately. As Kate said if it is damaged and/or you ARE pregnant, the hormones could hurt your baby if you are pregnant.
You can definitely get pregnant even with the implant - no birth control is foolproof - my daughter is a "pill" baby - they don't often mention that if you are taking antibiotics it can interfere with the effectiveness of the pill - same type of thing with any other birth control.
I would get yourself in to the doctor, have the implant removed, and get a pregnancy test.

Kate - posted on 08/15/2009




First -- I'd see a doctor and get that implant removed ASAP. It is clearly causing you serious problems. Birth control can be dangerous for many women, as it messes with your hormones. If you ARE pregnant, it will be very dangerous to your baby to receive those hormones.

No birth control is foolproof. You can always get pregnant unless you are not having sex.

Please see a doctor and get this removed and/or fixed ASAP, as well as getting a pregnancy test.

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