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MariaP - posted on 02/05/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Last month January 2013 i was feeling so different, my body. i thought maybe i was pregnant because i have been wanting too for a long time. i didnt mention anything to my husband because i didnt want to worry him :) but ive took preg test but neg, my period is always always heavy from day one till day 3 and than light the last 2 days, but when i got my "period" it started off so light with just a drop of blood and kept doing it for a few hrs.... the next day is when it was still light but a little heavier thank the day before. i supposedly started my "period" January 25-29. i tool another preg test somewhere between January 31- Feb 3 im not sure but it was neg.... well anywho on feb 2 i went to the bathroom and when i whiped it was brown (never happens) so i though maybe old blood but idk and it was like that from 10am to 12pm so at night i go to the bathroom and i whip and it was a little pink... i was like what the heck and this was 6:15pm. idk what to think or make of this but way before my "period" i was feeling sick/ nauseated, boobs were sore/ looked bigger, ummm headaches, and sleepless nights... and now my boobs are the same, headaches come and go and sometimes nauseated... what should i do? im scared to try and get another preg test.... Help please


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