Can you love 2 babies?

Allison - posted on 04/05/2012 ( 7 moms have responded )




My husband and I are thinking of having another baby, but I'm scared I won't love it the same as my first. I don't want to favor one above the other, but that is what I am scared will happen. Can you really love 2 babies equally?


Amy - posted on 04/05/2012




Yes you can! As the other moms have said each will have their own personality and be unique in their own way, so there will be different qualities about each to love. I know when we were talking about having a second I was a little sad for my son because he had always been the only child/grandchild and I felt bad that we were going to take it away, but in reality he lost nothing and now has a little sister who adores him!!1

Laura - posted on 04/05/2012




As the mother of twins, I can say with all honesty, YES! You can love both children equally. They will be different, but each will hold a special place in your heart and you will wonder what you ever did before you had both of them.

Michelle - posted on 04/05/2012




Of course you can. They are your children and each one will always hold a special place in your heart.

I have 3 children and I would do anything for all of them. Each one has their own personality and special qualities that makes them who they are.


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Chrystal - posted on 04/06/2012




I remember feeling that way when I found out I was pregnant with my second it wasn't I didn't want her it was just I couldn't see myself loving anyone like I loved my son. But when I held her for the first time I fell madly in love with her and yet at the same time was so eager to get home to my son I loved them both with my whole heart; it just happens. I don't love them the same; they are very different my son is a goofy cuddle bug; my daughter very serious and independent; but I do love them equally. Your heart is capable of loving in infinite amounts the capacity to love grows as the need arises.

Sally - posted on 04/05/2012




If you had 6 you would love each and everyone because they would all be a part of you,your husband and your other children but they would also be them. They would have their own ways, funny, annoying etc.

Tabitha - posted on 04/05/2012




I remember thinking that when I just had one child. For some reason I felt like, "How can I love another baby this much". My mother, who gave birth to 7 children and has adopted 3 more( and in the process of adopting more) put it to me this way...You don't have to split your heart in equal pieces to love more children, you heart just gets bigger and fills up with that love. I gave birth to 3, adopted one and I'm the primary caregiver for my boyfriend's son(5 total) and I love them all the same!

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Of course you can. You can love two, three, four or more. It's within you to love all of your babies, you can't help it!!

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