Can you please call the parent of the child that is bullying my child?

Lavette - posted on 02/24/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




Can you please call the parent? That is all that I asked a teacher and the Assistant Principal when one day my child came home and said to me Mom I am being physically bullied by a young lady in my class and I told the principal who spoke to the young lady but she still would not stop pushing my son even after being spoken to by the Assistant Principal.

Of course one day, my son who was in the 6th grade at the time, got sick of being pushed everyday by this young lady who would also collect his homework and step on it before submitting it to the teacher and called him names constantly. My son almost wanted to hit the young lady back after numerous times of being pushed by her and even after the principal told the young lady to stop her behavior. I of course teach my son not to hit and to not hit girls. Well, he did not hit her back but his teacher called me one day and said that my son had gotten really upset and wanted to hit the young lady back. She also told me that my son could not attend a class trip because she saw both my son and the young lady arguing in her class. Still however, The teacher was allowing this young lady to attend the trip regardless of her behavior. Anyway, When I spoke to the teacher and the Assistant Principal over the phone, I asked for them to please call the young ladie's parents because it seemed that the young lady was not paying any mind to the principal. When I asked them if they were going to call her parents, The AP and the teacher told me "no". They were not going to get the parents involved but was going to teach my son how to deal with bullying on their own because bullying was a fact of life. I did not argue with them however I contacted the department of education(school safety) in New York City where my son goes to school and filed a complaint. After the principal received my complaint about a week later, Can you believe that she threw my son out of his zone school whom we had done early registration for and used the excuse that the school was over enrolled. This happened in November. My son had already been sitting in his seat for two months. Not only did she throw him out of school as a result of my complaint but then threw him into a school that had a very bad reputation for violence, drugs, and jumpings. I of course complained to the department of education about this who did nothing.

So we went to the new school. I was very nervous but out of no choice was willing to give the new middle school a chance. Besides, I felt that the principal from my son's first school was just a mean person and perhaps it may be best to just leave things alone and try out the new school but of course this principal apparently badmouth me and my son to the next school insinuating to them that I was a trouble maker.

When we got to the next school, We did not have a chance. We had already been bad mouthed. The new school had already had in mind that I was looking for a law suite because they kept asking me this and because of their thoughts about us which was not good. Teachers right a way started treating my son badly. Bullying started down at the new school. Kids was threatening to jump my son, hitting him, calling him names. His science teacher at the new school even confirmed to me that she has witnessed the bullying. So I went to the administration at the new school several times and requested that parents be contacted but like the old school, they wouldn't. My son would report that teachers would watch kids bullying him and do nothing but if he defended himself he was suspended or scolded in some way. Teachers have lied on him accusing him of cutting class just to go to school and find out it was a lie. He did in fact attend class. They embellish complaints on my son a lot. I have sent complaints in writing to the Department of Education after trying to talk with the school and show them that I was friendly and meant no harm but it did not work. Teachers were giving him poor grades but not giving substantial reasons as to why. I would go to parent teacher conferences and teachers had no test scores or examples of my son's work to prove their points.

When my efforts to mediate did not work, I went to a program outside of the Department of education called conflict resolution to invite the school to have a mediations conference with me to resolve conflict but they would not respond to any requests for mediations meetings. I did this twice. the first time being when the kids in school was bullying my son and the administration was not outreaching the parents, I requested for mediations to contact parents for me. They however attempted to do so but the principal refused to give the office of mediations the contact information of the bullier's parents and so mediations the first time was unable to be done.

Since all of the stress, My son has been getting depressed and having sleep troubles and I have had to take him to a psychologist.

I have gone to the Department of Education and they never do anything but allow the teachers and the principals to have their way. I have filed a complaint with the Human Rights Commission but I do not know what will make of that.

Has anyone had problems like this in their child's school? All it takes is just one school staff or teacher to not like you or your child and you can have Hell in the school. What is the next best thing to do?

Thank you.
A frustrated Mom.


Dove - posted on 02/24/2015




Get a lawyer involved... and they can also take it to the media if they feel you have legitimate reason enough.


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Lavette - posted on 02/25/2015




Thank you for responding dove. I have looked into getting a lawyer but most want lots of money or free lawyers dont seem to take department of ed cases. I will continue looking and follow your advice. It was helpful.

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