can you tell me why you choose a home birth?

Gemma - posted on 02/11/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




I'm doing a project in my college class, about home births vs hospital births. im interested in why people choose a home birth?


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Jennifer - posted on 02/11/2011




i have one child, who was delivered in the hospital. since his birth (he's 15 months old) i have done tons of research, and have decided that homebirth midwifery is where my passion lies. i am a nursing student working towards becoming a certified nurse midwife. i plan to have all future children birthed at home.

that being said, i am passionate about homebirth because hospitals are for sick people. laboring women, who have had normal pregnancies should not be treated like sick people. our bodies know what to do, we just have to trust them. when you start throwing in unnecessary medical interventions (iv fluids, monitors, pitocin, epidurals, etc) the C-section rates rise dramatically. this is because it is not how we are meant to birth our throws off the way things are naturally supposed to progress.

i hated that when i was laboring, that the nurses made me feel like i had to stay in bed (certainly not all hospitals are like this, though). i hated that i couldn't eat or drink anything. i hated that i had to wear that stupid gown, and the cold hard floors. i hated that every 5 minutes someone would come in and adjust a monitor, or look at my chart, or ask if i wanted the epidural yet. when i give birth, i want the comforts of home. i want to control the thermostat, i want to pee in my own bathroom. i want my world surrounding me, helping me to focus, and reminding me of the life my husband and i are building for ourselves. i want my son to have the option of being right there beside me (children aren't allowed in the hospitals here). i want my brand new little baby to be able to nurse immediately...not be whisked away to be cleaned and weighed. i want my children to be born peacefully, not blinded by bright lights.

eek! i could go on and on!

Joanna - posted on 02/11/2011




I know a few moms who had traumatic hospital births (one who was strapped down during delivery, one held down while they broke her water against her wishes, etc)..., they usually choose home births later to have control over the situation, with as little medical intervention as needed. There is no reason a low-risk pregnancy can't result in a calm And pleasant home birth.

Louise - posted on 02/11/2011




I think mums choose a home birth to have a more natural birth. Hospitals are very inpersonal and you have midwives, doctors, tea ladies and students walking in and out all the time. The environment is foreign to you and the whole event is managed by somebody else.

At home you plan from start to finish who you want present, what is on the CD player, where you want to give birth, bed ,water birth, in the garden it is completly down to you. You are far more relaxed with your surroundings and with no complications the births seem to progress faster.

I wanted a home birth with my 3rd child but unfortunately she was an emergency c section, but if I was to have another which is very unlikely I would fight tooth and nail to have the birth I want and not the one the medical profession want me to have. Hope this helps

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