can your work require you to be 'on call' but not pay you for the time that youre on call?

Ashley - posted on 07/23/2011 ( no moms have responded yet )




I know this isn't exactly a parenting question but I was hoping you ladies could help me out.
Someone called off at my job tonight (I wor11pm-7am, the call off was on second shift) my husband and I were at the detroit zoo with our kids when I got a call from my manager telling me that she needed me to come in 4 hours early to cover half of second shift. When I told her I couldn't becaude I was out of yown she got irate with me. In order for me to go in that early I would have had to leave right then cutting into my famly time so that I could go home and go to sleep before working a 12 even then I would have went in tired because there wouldn't have been enough time for me to get enough sleep. So since I wouldn't come in she told me that when I get there for my regularly scheduled shift that her and I needed to have a little talk. And then she told me just to be spiteful that I had to stay over 4 extra hours in the morning to cover a different call off. Now I don't mind staying over. If I'm already at work whays a few extra hours. But I don't think they should be able to force me to come in early. When they hire people they inform you that there are times where overtime is mandatory. Which to me means staying over to cover a call off. And like I said I don't mind that. But to force someone to come in early or on their days off is not cool. If they asked nicely and I wasn't doing anything or needed the $ sure I will come in. But they think we should have our phones by us at all times incase they need to call us in. To me that is being on call. And if you're on call you should be getting paid to be on call. And I'm not. So I think that what I do on MY unpaid time is my decision. Not theirs. If I WANT to come in then ok. But if not then I shouldn't catch crap for it. And here is the kicker... we have two managers that rotate weeks being on call to cover call offs in the case that no one else can... they get paid to be on call... the manager that called me IS THE ONE ON CALL. So how can I get 'talked to' for not taking her responsibility? I guess my question is, in the state of michigan, can yiur work require you to be 'on call' without scheduling you as 'on call' or paying you for being on call? Opinions are greatly appreciated. And if you could site your resources that would be great. Id like to find a website that outlines the rules or laws on thins to print off for future refrence. Thanks for your help ladies. Sorry its so long winded lol.

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