Canadian woman seeking sterilization: what kind of issues should I be concerned with?

Cendrine - posted on 06/08/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi everyone!
I'm a young, childfree woman who's looking into getting sterilized and interested in hearing back from Canadian women who've gone through a tubal in Canada.

Did you have issues with your doctor?
Is this covered by medicare?
How was the waiting list?


Chet - posted on 06/08/2014




I'm pretty sure that all provinces cover the cost of tubal ligation, but healthcare is handled provincially in Canada so what is covered depends on where you live. I've never known anybody who had to pay for their tubal ligation and I've lived in several different parts of Canada (though they might have paid to get a private hospital room instead of a ward room).

It can be difficult to find a doctor who will do a tubal on somebody who is young and childless. I've heard of doctors who don't like to do them on anyone under thirty - ever. Some doctors will only do them on women under thirty who have two or three kids already, or who have health problems that make pregnancy a problem.

I don't really blame doctors for doing this. Every single person we know who didn't want kids in their twenties changed their mind eventually. Now they all either have kids or are in their late thirties or early forties and going to crazy lengths to have children.

I've never heard of a long wait for a tubal ligation. :Lots of people have them done as part of a scheduled c-section or abortion. The people I know who had them done as an independent procedure had to wait a few weeks or couple months. It is surgery, and most OB/GYNs who do surgery only do it on certain days.

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