Cant Produce Enough Milk?

Candace - posted on 11/14/2012 ( 8 moms have responded )




I have a question......I exclusively just breastfeed and my baby girl is now 4 mths. As of recent it seems like she isnt getting enough.Now I drink water and milk, I pump and only a little comes out(like less then an once) so I just started taking this Fenugreek herb. Sometimes I have alot sometimes a little so Is it true some mothers cant produce enough milk? At her check up she gained weight and was perfectly healthy I just still not sure shes getting enough If it wasnt for my Persistant Husband I probably would have quit by now I dont want to Im just frustrated Please advice is needed!!

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Bernice - posted on 08/14/2016




Healthy nursing tea and plenty of water. This was the way I used to uplift my low milk
flow and got great results. Now producing enough to satisfy my lil one.

Autumn - posted on 11/17/2012




Be careful with the fenugreek. I used it and it did increase my supply but gave my son diarrhea. Some babies are sensitive to it. Make sure you are getting plenty of rest and don't use any products containing caffeine. Good luck!

Candace - posted on 11/17/2012




Yea i have been trying sometimes she seems ok with it Im just gonna see if i can make it to 6 mths thanks for the help tho least im not the only one :)

Liz - posted on 11/15/2012




I did everything I was advised by my lactation consultant and doctors, took every tea, supplement and prescribed medication that I was permitted and I still just did not make enough. This may have been partly to do with the terrible mastitis that I had in one breast - after which that breast produced next to nothing at all - but just generally my production was very poor. I was gutted, as I have large breasts and had always figured that this is what they were for!

My little girl was a 28 weeker and I managed to provide 3 months of breast milk, after which things dried up completely. She did just fine on formula.

Don't worry, just do what you can. If that, in the end, proves not to be enough, don't feel like a failure, just do what you have to do and switch to formula. That you are trying and actively attempting to increase your milk supply is the main thing.

Dove - posted on 11/14/2012




I spent 20 minutes pumping and couldn't even get half an ounce.... yet my son almost doubled his birth weight in the first 2 months off of me alone. ;)

As long as she's continuing to grow, thrive, and wet enough.... your supply is fine. Keep it up!!

Candace - posted on 11/14/2012




Thanks Amy I thought so I was just having doubts guess I should just stop worrying!

Amy - posted on 11/14/2012




Do not base your supply off of your pump output. It could just be your body doesn't respond to the pump, and your baby is much more efficient than a machine. Your daughter is healthy and gaining weight which is a good indicator that you are producing enough!

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