cant stand the thought of sex let alone having it

Gulsah - posted on 05/23/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




I have been with my partner since November 2011 and got pregnant pretty quick with our 1st Daughter pregnancy with her was the best one you could ask for then she was born in august. me and my partner got married in December 2012 up until my second pregnancy our sex life was fine more or less but now i cant stand the thought of having sex it just puts me right off cant stand all the lovey dovey things my partner tries to do even when he tries to kiss me he tries to have a snog kiss but i cant stand it all i let him do is give me two little kisses... he tries to understand that im not up to it but i have to keep reminding him and then he get the hump over it... i dont understand how can he enjoy sex knowing i dont want to do it yet i have let him use my body a few times to make him happy but now i just dont want to even do that anymore.. he nags me everyday to see if im up to having it when i know i dont want it i dont care for it i could live without it as im so busy looking after my toddler and pregnant with our 2nd baby and doing everyday housework and trying to do avon at the same time too...

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