Car Seat Anxiety - please help!

Katie - posted on 01/03/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have been battling car seat anxiety with my now 3 year old foster child. For the first year of her life (before she was in our care), she was basically strapped in a carrier every day - all day. She ate, slept, etc. all while being strapped in a car seat carrier. Now, when she is in her car seat she holds her breath, throws her head back and her eyes almost roll back into her head at times. It is almost as if she is having a seizure but isn't. We are constantly having to play games or reminding her to keep breathing. She only displays this behavior when strapped in the car seat. We know it stems from her first year with her biological parents, but we are looking for suggestions to make car riding easier for her. She was also very malnourished at first, so it could be a long while before she is able to make weight for a different car seat all together. Any suggestions or shared similar experiences is sincerely appreciated.


Gena - posted on 01/04/2014




Aaw poor little girl,i am sorry that she is having such a hard time with the car seat. I dont have similar experience but i thought of some games or activies that you might like to try out if you havent tried them befor.I thought of maybe giving her a special book that has buttons and makes sounds or songs.Or giving her a sticker book and stickers to play with.Or give her a special "car ride teddy" one that she can always take with when you drive. I wish i had more ideas or advice but thats all i can think of atm. Hope maybe something helps.Good luck

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