Car seat for 6 months old

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My baby girl is almost 7 months old..she weighs 17 lb and 27". I had chicco car seat but was heavy for me so i shifted to convertible car seat but i don't think she is comfortable in instead of lying her back is straight..My question is should i buy a new car seat like the safety 1st which goes upto 35 lb but I dont know how much height these car seats go upto...or should I continue with my convertible..


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If her back is straight up and down then it doesn't sound like the seat is installed correctly.... They should always be at a lying down angle while rear facing. Even my almost 3 year old is.. I believe his seat IS the Safety First one and it's a good seat, but any seat that is supposed to be rear facing should be able to be positioned right. Maybe take it to the fire or police station and have them check it out for you.

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Give her some time to adjust to it. I did the same thing for my daughter at about the same age and she adjusted very quickly to it! Just put covers on the belts at her neck area maybe for her head to rest against in case she falls asleep. And make sure the belts are adjusted properly so she feels snug and secure. Give her a blanket or something she always likes to cuddle with and she will be fine. Talk to her about being a big girl and be happy when you put her in there and always make it a positive experience and you and her will be just fine :)

And I agree, take it to the fire station and have them make sure your seat is correctly installed. I did that even with the 3rd child. Safety first!


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Manpreet - posted on 03/24/2011




Hello Heather
My daughter also doesn't cry and falls asleep but i feel that her back is straight...I will go to fire station to get it installed properly may be it is not in right position.....
Thanks to everyone......

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I have the safety 1st all in one convertable car seat and it has 2 recline positions. Granted its not like an infant seat but my son has never cried when in it and falls asleep every time. I think he feels and looks comfortable in it. I got mine at wal-mart for only $100

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