Cartoon Obsession & Feeding problem with my Baby

Pallavi - posted on 09/14/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have very funny thing with my baby which in real is a problem for me.

I have tried so many things post 5 month completion of baby ,but nothing was working out….

As I hail from India , here one cartoon character “Chhota Bheem” & another one which is famous across the world “wheels on the bus” is extremely famous & kids can easily develop connect with this….while watching this cartoon my baby take the feed very easily & comfortably & :-) really he dont take a single pie if I pause this cartoon on youtube.

My husband made a Youtube video of baby’s feeding during watching it & posted there (he was considering this trick as a help for feeding) , kindly spare time & have a look on this this as this has become an obsession for my baby

My question is , how can I develop the habbit of taking feed regularly while he not watching the cartoon ?

I have already visited many doctors but baby is not keen to take the feed without watching cartoons

Kindly help & pls suggest what to do………


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Kellie - posted on 09/14/2015




I have this same problem. My son has a feeding problem and still wont eat solid foods at 19 months. He has regressed since he started eating baby food now he wont eat any at all except maybe once a week. The only way I can get him to is if he watches Elmo or cartoons. Basically I just have to catch him when he's not paying attention to what im giving him to eat and he'll just open his mouth.. Some people say things like oh if they get hungry enough they'll eat" But that's not neccesarily true with feeding problems. My son sees a feeding therapist but so far he will only lick crackers and things and now wont eat baby food at all. He's still on formula. They have given me lots of instruction and things to try but the doctor thinks he has an oral aversion and that his mouth needs desensitizing. I see you visited many doctors already but if you haven't yet Maybe you could ask your doctor if they think he has a feeding problem and maybe there's something they could do to help you and your baby like a feeding therapist. I hope this helps! I know it can be frustrating but you are doing great!

Michelle - posted on 09/14/2015




You have to be strong and not have it on when feeding. Baby will eventually feed but you need to break the habit.

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