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My 3 week old son sleeps well at night with 3 hour stretches, during the day however he can wake an hour to an hour and a half after a feed. I don't know whether to feed him at this time or try to resettle until the 3 hour mark. I find my milk supply diminishes during the day when I try to feed him every time he wakes. This seems self perpetuating as then he is overtired and hungry. Help :(


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Sarah - posted on 12/25/2013




I would not supplement with formula yet. Your body is still working your supply up. His sleeping schedule is quite normal for a newborn. Most newborns will eat about every 2-3 hrs around the clock and will do mostly cat naps until they are between 3-5 months old. Right now go by your baby's cues. If he seems hungry feed him. Breastmilk works on supply and demand so the more demand the more your body will produce. I had one that would feed every 1 hour around the clock until she was 2 months old and then I had another that fed every 3-4 hours around the clock from day one. Once they hit about 3 months old things start to get better and you are not feeling like all you do is feed. Your milk supply has increased, and your baby starts to get into a better schedule.

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you can supplement a feeding with formula. At that age he will be trying to increase your milk supply. The only way to do this is to let him nurse when ever he asks. Formula will stay in the tummy a bit longer than breastmilk so if you wanted you can give him a couple of bottles a day. I did that with my daughter when my supply was too low. You try to feed if he isn't getting anything then you make the bottle. But always try breast first unless you don't mind giving a bottle here and there all the time.

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