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When is it ok, to let a cat in the same room as a sleeping baby. We got a cat (actually our 2nd, but the 1st is lazy and doesn't like to sleep near people, so I never worried about her). The cat is around 6months old and a frisky little critter! LOL He also likes to find the warmest thing possible to snuggle up against to sleep, and I'm afraid he is going to suffocate the baby. My baby is 7 months, and can roll both ways, but I'm just so nervous. I'm certain I'm not going to even think about letting him in there until he is fixed and the front claws removed, but even then I'm not sure. My oldest daughter was having issues trying to sleep with the door closed, so right now I have her sleeping in my boys' room, but really want her back in her own bed soon if possible. When did others start letting the cat in the room?


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I have no pets to worry of but I worry for you...I say just keep the door shut. Try getting a night light for your older kiddo (guess she is sharing the room w/ the baby?)...might ask her why she is uncomfortable w/ the door shut...

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Honestly, we had two cats when my daughter was born and because we were in the process of PCS-ing (moving) we were all in the livingroom together. My daughter was in a pack-n-play and we just watched how our cats interacted with her. They never got near her while she was in her bed, but if she was laying on the couch or more in an open area, they would come close to sniff, but never seemed to bother her. I dont know if the cats being females and having that natural motherly instinct had anything to do with it , but everyone got along fine and there was no conflicts. I think that if we were to make it seem like the baby was extremely fragile (probably wrong choice of words because I know they are lol) and they couldnt interact at all, the situation might have been different because I think the cats would have been scared. I think it just comes down to what you think is best. If you are nervous, I would shut the door. Especially if he's frisky :) But, at the same time, your baby is older (I have a 9 month old too) and more mobile than a newborn.

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