causes of baby rashes


Valeria - posted on 04/23/2015




My son when he was just a newborn he got little bumps all over I freaked out, but the pediatrician said it is normal and they come and go but are not serious unless they do not go away. Also dry skin can cause rashes all over as well. the doc. told me any lotion that have the little top to push down those contain more alcohol and cause dry skin. My baby boy had dry skin so she recommended Baby Eczema and to not bathe him everyday but every other day. Apply the lotion every other diaper change or at least 3 times a day. Also if the rash in his diaper area, the diaper may be the cause, try order free or a different brand of diaper and buy diaper rash creams. I buy the babies r us brand rash cream. It works wonders on my son. I used to use it at every diaper change, but now I use it whenever I see the redness coming back and it goes away. You might want to try different diaper creams as every baby is different. Another thing that can cause rashes is the clothes, always wash new baby clothes before you put it on and also the detergent may be too strong. Dreft is the best one according to my doctor, but I use the baby bounce and works fine with my baby.

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