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To start off my youngest made my profile so my name is Melissa and my daughters name is Cassandra. My daughter is 11 going on 12 and she is desperate to get a phone, in the past I have caught her swearing on email chat rooms, and friends swearing back. I confronted her and took away laptop privileges for a month. And then again I saw some email someone sent to her ( one of her bff's) saying the B word. She really wants one to talk to her friends the plan she showed me has parental controls letting me see everything and It's cheap,(it's called kajeet) should I let her have one ,have you had to deal with any thing like this before. She gets very good grades, and is going to do sports next year, she says all her friends have one. And we all know life is a popularly contest so should I make her feel so left out from the crowd.


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That's just part of being that age. Kids will talk to each other in ways that they won't talk around their parents or other adults. She's at the age where she doesn't want to be a little kid anymore and wants to be older. It doesn't sound to me like she's a bad kid, I don't think a phone would be a problem. Plus, it'll be easier to keep in touch with her, she can call you or text you if sports practice is running late, if she already has a ride home, if practice is cancelled. I think 12 is a good age. I think I was around 12 when my parents got me a cell phone and it was because I was always out with friends or doing so many different activities that it was easier to have me call them and remind them about my different practices and rehearsals. Also my brother was in high school so it made it easier for them to coordinate his activities and pick up times and mine when we could tell them what our after school plans were. I've heard of the kajeet, I also think that the fact that she is taking the responsibility of looking up a phone that she thinks you would be comfortable with and one that allows you basically full access shows a lot of maturity and that she wants to be trusted and seen as a growing young adult and not a child.


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When my daughter turned 12 I gave her an emergency phone and kept the credit topped up for her. She used it for calling me in emergencies or if she needed me to pick her up or something. She did a lot of sport and would text me if practise was running late. The plan that your daughter showed you sounds good but make sure she doesn't excessively use it or it will cost you a fortune. I got my daughter a proper iPhone when she turned 13 to use for anything she liked. I paid for the phone and the first $50 credit but she paid for the credit after that. Hope this helps

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