Cerebral Palsy

Louise - posted on 09/10/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




Need advise from experienced moms with children who have mild CP

My son (Reid) has been diagnosed with mild spastic cp at eleven months. The pediatrician says it's very mild if at all, but he recommended therapy. Obviously we are very concerned. He was dragging instead of crawling and had some tightness with no signs of walking. His cognitive and word progression seems good though. After his first session he started to crawl and now at fourteen months he cruises around and sometimes walks on tip-toes but can walk on flat feet if encouraged. He is not yet walking on his own yet.

He favors his right hand for use but can use his left and often does. He gets up on his left foot first and does not seem to favor either foot when cruising.

His physiotherapist, cannot give us a diagnosis yet. We are very confused because it does not appear that one side has less mobility than the other. Does this sound like CP or is he just behind in development.

I know time will tell but any insight would be very appreciated.


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