Chances of getting more parenting time ???

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For the past 4 years since my daughter was 2 she has lived with me because I divorced her mom, and she didn't want anything to do with her. Then they had custody split for 50/50 but i pretty much had her 90% of the time. She has always been unstable and not able to provide for our daughter, constantly bringing in different men to live with her and around my daughter.

Back in April of this year my daughter came home and told me and my wife that her (then) mom's bf had came into her room at night naked n put on on himself and her feet touched his privates she's only 5 going on 6..... We went to court, things got filed for CPS against the bf and PPO paper's against him to not be around my daughter. Her mom still let him around her and she told that to her counselor, but judges ended up getting changed and did nothing about her mom violating that order of that. custody was taken away from her prior due to the sexual misconduct that happened on her watch of my daughter. FOC tried giving her 1 wk on n 1 wk off back after this incident before they knew n it was denied.

When we went back for another hearing and she still couldn't get custody back but they did allow 2 overnights visits a week as long as BF is not around, then went back again n it got canceled due to them making a mistake and not having the court hearing on record, so I never received any new order as to how custody is besides just her once a week visit and they never gave any custody back to her since they took it away. My daughter always come back and says how mean she was treated, has had 1 accident and 2 infections in the last 5 months after coming from over there and always make a fuss about having to go and think/ask me and my wife are we punishing her and why we make her leave to go there.

She is pregnant by the her (then bf, not her ex) and expecting the child in a few months but has decided for the 2nd time to quit yet another job, which mean she wont even be able to provide for my daughter completely when she rarely does now.... My daughter is perfectly stable and content somewhat with just her 1 week visit and content in how life is. Now she wants to file a motion to go to court, which i am sure is for more time, I am pretty sure they probably won't give in as they didnt last time because she isnt capable of handling my child, and i'll have my lawyer present yet again and she will not due to not being able to afford one... Do you think she may have a shot at more than her 1 week visits of her 2 nights ???


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completely up to the courts. If she can prove improvement, then probably yes. If not, then most likely no, but no one will be able to tell you for sure.

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