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My daughter is near 4 years old. Her biological father has never been in her life and has never wanted anything to do with her. I meet my husband when she was 1 and she now knows him as her father and he sees her as her own flesh and blood. I didn't put down any father on her birth certificate. And I had her biological father pay child aupport. But now we would like my husband to be put on her birth certificate and her last name change from my maiden name to Bowers. Wjat would we have to do to make it happen?


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Ev - posted on 08/16/2016




Michelle has it on target.

You can not just up and change the child's name and put your husband on the birth certificate. It is not legal. The father will have to be contacted about giving up his rights and he would have to agree to them. Since you did get child support set up he is seen in the eyes of the law as her father regardless of his having been there or not. You should not be letting her believe that your husband is her dad but tell her the truth about her bio father so she understands where she comes from and for medical reasons. And if the father does not want to relinquish rights you won't have much choice in matters.

Michelle - posted on 08/16/2016




You can't put your husband on the Birth Certificate as he's not her Father. You should get a lawyer as you may need to get the Father's permission to change her name. He may even agree to your husband adopting her legally, that means he wouldn't be paying child support and would give up his parental rights for good.

To get the correct advice for where you live, see a lawyer.

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