Changing the last name of my baby

Tianna Ocean - posted on 12/01/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




i registered my baby with the fathers last name, only becuase he black mailed me saying he was going to end his life and i would be my fault leaving my baby without a father if i dident put his name on there, im a 17 year old girl and i really regret doing it as in my eyes, he shouldent look after the baby as he gets angry when he has to wake up in nights with him, and was only interested until we signed the birth certificate 2 days ago, his mother drinks alot and hits her children so im not happy leaving him with her either, im doing the right thing by protecting my child, i wouldent be able to sleep at night if he or his mother had him but will the courts see it that way? and would i get permition to change the certificate? he was only registered 2 days ago, i feel so stupid as i was given advice not to put him on there, but he made me feel like it was all be my fault if i dident, thankyou..


Jodi - posted on 12/01/2013




Unfortunately, you don't get to decide whether he is the father or not. This isn't just about the name, this is about the fact that he is the father and has rights too. You don't get to decide whether he sees his child or not. That is what the family court is for. If dad is on the birth certificate, you can't just change it without his permission. Just remember, this guy was good enough for you to have sex with, so you just have to suck it up now. Maybe some people need to be a little more discerning about who they have sex with if they are such terrible fathers.

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