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I was with this bum for 25 yrs and he cheated on me more than once. Once when I was pregnant with his second son and again in the last yr. I'm writing because this time I told him to get out of my life and my son life b/c he was the lowest on this earth, he left and moved n with his whore that he cheated on me with and her son, he does nothing with or for my son, so I took him to child support court, to make a long story short, this cheating lying deadbeat dad has the nerve to ask me to stop child support and allow my son to come around him and the home wrecking whore..I said hell NO!! However, I thought about my son the fact that he needs his dad n his life, but my son want nothing to do with him or the home wrecking whore, so he is threaten to get custody and now my son want to run away if he has to have anything to do with them. Can he get custody n a situation like this if my son want NOTHING to do with them?? He hates them both he said and guess what I do to but still...I do not know what to do!


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Well, first, you don't have the right to determine whether or not he and the children have a relationship. He's their father, he's got just as much right to a relationship with his kids as you do!

Child support and visitation need to be addressed separately, as well. Children are not a commodity, and you are not the sole 'owner' of them. Took two to tango, two to create them so you don't get full say over them.

If the child is old enough in your state for his opinion and wishes to be counted, then he needs to tell the judge why he doesn't want to have visitation with his father, but otherwise, the answer to your question is

YES> If you refuse contact between the child and their father, their father may petition custody, and may gain it.

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