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I need an advice how to deal with my partner, he's having an affair everyday he get home very late getting calls even at night.

Im 7months pregnant and i cannot deal with this sitiuation anymore and i love him sooo much please i need help


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I agree with Bri.
Also men can come and go but you're kids are forever. I was in a situation as well, I ended up pregnant at 16 with a loser who would look at every girl BUT me, he was an absolute pig and our relationship wasn't healthy. After we had our daughter and she turned a year old HE ended up walking out on us and it was hard at times but she got me through those rough times, they are not only your child but your best friend as well. So a few years went by she was 3 years old and I ended up meeting a guy and he is absolutely amazing we have been together two and a half years and even have a son together so trust me if you have proof he is cheating and decide to leave it will get better. It always does. You need a man that will love you and only have eyes for you. He should also love your child as much as you do. You will have a happy family :)


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Bri - posted on 11/01/2013




Do you KNOW he is having an affair? Sounds like you need to have a serious conversation. If it turns out that he is, in fact, cheating you need to drop him. If he can't be faithful while you are pregnant with his child, he isn't someone you want. Every woman deserves a man to respect her, especially the mother of his child.

I was in a relationship with my son's father and wanted so badly for it to work. I wanted us to be a family and happy. Soon after my son arrived, I realized it wasn't going to end up that way. I feared I would be alone forever if we weren't together, but I made the decision to leave because it would be best for our son to have a HAPPY mom. Crazy enough. 5 months later, I am now with a man who is amazing to me and my son.

My biggest suggestion: no matter how impossible it may seem to live without him, when you have your baby, you will see that nothing is about you anymore. You will do what is best for your child.

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