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I dont no where to start. I am sucessful 26 year old mother of a beautiful 9month baby boy who hates his father.

My pain supercedes any that I ever though I could feel emotionally. I met my spouse fours years ago & fell madly in love with him. Attractive, intellegient & at the time so romantic he swept me off my feet. The first couple of years were great. Then when I became pregnant he completely changed. Staying out late, having mood swings & couldnt keep a job to save his life! When I needed him most he deserted me and our unborn child. 5 months into my pregnancy I found out he's been cheating on me for months! His mistress called me because she found out about me through their mutual friends. Inshort, we ended our relationship and he refruses to provide for our child because we are not together. I am heart broken, ashamed, bitter and I hate his existance. I am a good person always have been but these days i am completly miserable.


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I'm sorry this happened to you, and I know it hurts, but you are a strong woman, and a strong woman will learn from her mistake and put together an action plan, and that will help you get over the pain.

Obviously, step one is to file for divorce. I guess you've already done that, but if you are still in the process, make sure your lawyer puts in good terms for asset distribution and child support. Some states require child support to be handled in a completely separate case, so make sure you file that as well if you need to.

Don't be ashamed--you did nothing wrong except trust the wrong person, and now you know more about who to trust, so don't focus so much on what you've lost that you forget what you've gained. Never trust a man (or any other person for that matter), no one sticks around forever and you can NEVER tell who someone will turn into when a situation changes. I'm pretty sure everyone on Earth has to make that mistake at least once, it's a lesson we all learn the hard way because for some reason humans have this innate craving to share our lives, thoughts, and feelings with other people. It's a craving we have to get over, and now you know that no one can ever hurt you like that again.

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