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Sarah - posted on 02/03/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




hey there im new to all this online stuff and sharing my personal situations this is very hard to talk about but i need some support some ideas some help im 25 years old i have 2 kids 5 and 2 (daughters) i am in their life every day but 2 years ago my parents decided to not let me back in the house took my kids (long story) but i havent been able to afford a lawyer or a place on my own i have very bad anxiety and thats made it really hard to maintain a job i went to culinary school (have 2 classes left) but back tracking for a second i got served (my parents set it up for me to be served when i came over and my oldest ended up handing me the papers it was so fucked up) my dads a "pastor" (real god like right?) and they are very emotionally abusive and have EVERYONE wrapped around their finger i have not been the best kid i was adopted and do not fit in with this family and its always been that way they all hate me and dont think i deserve any happiness so i was put in a situation and they took full advantage of me in that way and took the only two beings who have ever meant a thing to me i love my babies more than anything in the world my mental state has got so bad my anxiety has gone through the roof because the more hopeful i try and be the more i get kicked down i still dont know where to start no one here in oregon will give me legal advice because in the state of Oregon you cant get legal aid unless there is domestic violence involved and there isnt so im SOL unless i retain a lawyer and i dont have that kind of money at the moment i hear back friday about this job i am praying i get it starts off at 12 an hour and i can pretty much make my own schdeule i am going to work my ass off so i can get a place asap and then i can FINALLY reatin a lawyer and fight for my babies but im just so nervous because its been so long i have been trying to figure out wtf to do and i do not even understand how they got custody there was no investagation or anything i responded to their papers and apparently i filled them out wrong i had no idea what i was doing and no one would explain it to me and the judge granted them custody cause i got the case numbers mixed up it was utter bullshit like how can that even happen? this whole situation is just insanity and my kids are suffering emotionally and my parents are cruel but that cant be proven cause they have money and make everything look all good..... if anyone has any advice or step or ANYTHING please get ahold of me i just want my babies back before its to late im missing so much and it breaks my heart so much (neither dad is involved and they could care less)


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