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Pamela - posted on 08/08/2017 ( 4 moms have responded )




This is my second custody case in three years. The first one we were able to mediate an agreement. Now biodads seeking full custody because one weekend I went against paramour clause. I have a good childhood friend who is a male stay two nights with son at home. Friend slept on couch but now dads seeking full custody and Guardian ad litem appointed by dad agrees with dad. Her report is biased. I have an attorney but trials coming up soon. I've been primary parent w joint custody for 5 years. Dad had a PI take pictures of my friend staying overnight. Any advice how to beat this and what to expect at custody trial? Dads attorney is terrible and will tear me to shreds on stand.


Ev - posted on 08/10/2017




You knew you had that clause and then still had someone stay with you. As the others say, be honest. with the judge but you agreed to this and broke it. I once had found out that my kids dad went against that and stayed with the current step mom at her home or his home with all their kids there....they were not married yet. My kids told me too late. I would have done something about that....this clause was already in our custody and visitation papers....not mediated in.


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Sarah - posted on 08/08/2017




Be honest with the judge. Why do you think the GAL is biased? I encounter them all the time as a school nurse- they often call to check attendance and adherence to health policies. I gotta say I find them to be very kid focused. How did your ex even find out? How did your son actually feel about this man staying over? To be honest, you are at risk because you violated terms that you agreed (and I am sure bio-dad did too) to follow. I can't imagine you would lose custody completely but it could go 50-50.

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