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Sandra - posted on 06/19/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My boyfriend has been trying to see his daughter for over 10 months and his ex wont allow him to see her and has made some crazy claims. Now the ex is allowing him to see his son evey other weekend, but does try to interfer with his time with his son. Her first reason for not allowing their daughter to see her father, was that my son tried to kiss their daughter, this claim is false and we have had him assested to prove he has no sexual or even thoughts about these things through a therapist. Now she is claiming that the daughter is in fear of her father. Which the last time they were together their daughter was up her dads butt the whole time.
He just found out that he is now being audited by the IRS because she claimed the children on the past 2 years of taxes, after the judge awarded him the rights to file the children. In court this past week she finally signed the papers to give him full rights to file the children on his taxes, so fingers crossed that will be taken care of and she will now be the one audited by the IRS.
Also that day in court, the judge braked for lunch and everyone left the court room. Well when we returned back to court, my boyfriends attorney was telling the judge who was going to testify and he then said he had to excuse himself off the case because at lunch today he was invited by my boyfriends ex to eat with her and her family. Therfore we have to now get another court date with another judge. After hearing this we were standing outside talking with the attorney and the ex's family was also outside downstairs laughing about what just happened.
We have asked if we can move the case out of this county so that we will not go through this again? but we have been told that because the child lives in this county we have to be seen here.
Also when we left to meet her our attorney was present to pick up his son and she made a huge deal about our attorney being there with my boyfriend to pick up his son. When it was time to drop the child off at the end of the weekend he decided that it may be better for his mom to drop the child off instead of him after her attitude picking him up. When his mom went to drop his son off, she did not open the car door to get her son out or even announce herself to his mom, instead she said come on its time to go, the child exited the car and his mom got out to ask her a question and she slammed the door of the car. His mom asked her if she could take him to the beach and she is now saying I don't know I have to think about it, when she has always allowed them to have the kids when they wanted.
I feel as if she is trying to push the chidren away from their other family and I am not sure how to help them or what to say because she has attacked me on one occasion. So how am I to support them through this when I feel as if this person thinks she is better than the law or even throws her questionable rights to hurt the children and the kids family by her actions?


Sarah - posted on 06/19/2012




First off, I'm sorry that you have to go through all of this. I have to share custody of some of my children with their dads. Never had this problem but I do know what you could do. If your boyfriend pays child support for that child then by law he has a right to see the baby. I know that for a fact. If your boyfriends ex does not allow you guys to see the baby, then let her know she will be in contempt of court if she doesn't. Just call Child Support and they will tell you the same thing. My husband actually has went through this before with one of my step children. That should scare her enough to get her head out of her a@@ and hopefully get over whatever grudge she is holding against you guys. I hope this helps!

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