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Jordan - posted on 04/26/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




I'm not sure how this works. I filed for a modification of custody because his circumstances have changed. The father has never had his own place, remarried, has 4 bio children and on step child. He comes in and out of her life and decides to throw the decree at me when it's at his convenience. After him not showing up for a while he decides to show up again and says that it was the child's fault for not calling. This is not a one time thing; he has done this many times so I finally got tired of it and so did she. I decided enough was enough so I got an attorney and filed for an ex-parte relief and petition to modify. No overnight stays no summer stays; he has more than five people living at this place; which leaves no privacy for my child that is becoming a young lady.
Because we could not come to an agreement the judge heard our case. The petition stated counseling needed to take place for him and the child. The judge granted that we all have to participate in counseling. I get to choose the counselor.
My concern is the order shows standard visitation upon counselors recommendation.. I'm not sure what this means exactly....
Does this mean she just writes a letter stating what she recommends?
Would she have to appear in court to let us know what her recommendations are?
Will he be able to choose when he can ask the counselor for the recommendation?
If he does, then would he be responsible for paying the fees of the counselor?
The order states that when in counseling we have to pay for our own fees and half of the child's.
If anyone has gone through this please advise.. I'm sure I will get clarification through my attorney. I just feel I need answers right now.

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