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Recently I left the state of PA to come to Florida to get my life back together. At the time I left myself or my ex were not aware that it was illegal for me to leave without written consent. About two months after I got done here, after I got a Job he went and got a lawyer for custody. Now he is trying to say that I left the state without permission and I went on a extended vacation. Even though he helped me pack my car full of mine and the children's belonging and helped me move all my stuff in storage. All his stuff went with him. I have a lawyer I'm just wondering if anyone knows how I'm supposed to prove that he new I left and did not go on a extended vacation. His lawyer is telling him to say that..


Jodi - posted on 11/07/2014




I think it depends on the state as to whether what you did was illegal or not, and I don't know the laws there. But I know that in many cases, even without a court order, this could be considered parental alienation. You should talk to a lawyer. I do know of cases where a parent moved without consent without it explicitly being stated in a court order that they couldn't....and they lost custody. Generally only a court can decide if it is the best interests of your child to move away from the other parent.

This is why I always support people going to court to get court orders - because it makes it clear and protects you and your children.


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Dove - posted on 11/07/2014




I do not know particular laws in either of those two states, but 'typically' I don't think it is illegal for you to leave the state w/ your child unless there is already a custody order in place prohibiting it. You would really need to ask your lawyer though. This is what you are paying them for.

But... if you are just asking how you prove he knew... w/out anything written down specifying it or any written proof that he helped you move... you can't. It's just your word against his.

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