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Sayra - posted on 04/17/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




I'm planning on getting married to a military man and I have to boys from a prior relationship but we don't have court orders on custody for the boys he hasn't paid anything for them for almost three years now and only see them every other weekend . Will a judge let me move with them if we had to move out of state ? Please help


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The other two have said what needs to be said. Once, I remember my kids telling me their dad was thinking of moving just across the border into another state but it was a two to three hour drive to get there. He would have had to go to court to get permission from me and the judge to make the move and figure out an arrangement of visitation so that he and I both had the kids as often as possible. And the thing was he never told me a thing. I had to hear it from my kids and I told them that he could not do that unless we took it to court. Nothing ever came of it but if it had, I would have not been easy on his moving. He had the primary care of our children at the time with joint custody.

Jodi - posted on 04/17/2015




"Only sees them every other weekend".
So basically, he has visitation rights. Forget the child support, that has nothing to do with visitation. That is treated separately. If you are annoyed he hasn't paid that, do something about it. What you are proposing will interfere with his visitation rights. "Only" every second weekend is still a right.

Not to mention you may be depriving your children of a relationship with their father. Even if "only" every second weekend, they can still have a wonderful relationship with him.

You need to consider what you can offer him if you move out of state. Noone here can tell you what a judge will order, but you need to consider what visitation their father will get if you move. Is it going to be fair? Can you offer reasonable visitation? Can the children still have a good relationship with their dad? If you can't offer that, then a judge might hesitate....

But judge or no judge, if you can't offer that, then you are doing your children a disservice and you need to reconsider the rights of your children to a relationship with both parents.

Raye - posted on 04/17/2015




You will have to go to court and get custody/visitation worked out. If your ex says it's okay to move, then the judge would let you. If your ex does not want you to move, then the judge would have to rule based on what they think is best for the kids.

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