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Alexandra - posted on 04/07/2016 ( 3 moms have responded )




I'm desperately,my ex boyfriend ended up the relationship while our 4yrs old was spending some time with him, I live in LA he lives in SF, she always live with me since she born and he come back to our life around a year and half ago asking for a second chance and he want to be close to his daughter, I gave him that chance however en February when I suppose to pick her up he ended with me and served me with papers at the same time he file a restraining order using a picture when she bump the wall saying the I abuse her, he has a DUI, I was victim of domestic violence but never report it because I was afraid, also he is a alcohol abuser I'm afraid for my daughter , for the time he was absent never pay child support, now the he comeback he got me a car that he now take away from me, he want me pay for it and I think he file a police report agains me for the car, we have mediation on Monday in SF area, how this could be possible ... A man who is a abusive come around with this, he doesn't care for her daughter at all,,,,, please if you know any type of help in the Bay Area I would love to hear from you,! Thank you for read


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Raye - posted on 04/08/2016




Any parents who are no longer in a relationship should go to court to work out orders for custody and child support. That is your only legal recourse. If you already had papers that said what times you have the child and what times he has the child, then (if he kept her during your time) you could file charges. But no court orders means now you have to get them, and now you may not be in as good of a position to negotiate.

If you have any real evidence against him regarding the abuse, his DUI, etc. you can present that to the court. In most cases, abuse against you does not mean that he would be a danger to the child, so the judge may not hold that against him. I'm telling you this so you can be prepared for that, if it happens that way. We don't know for sure how the judge will rule.

You should look into hiring a lawyer or, if you can't afford it, trying to find legal aid to help you.

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