Child custody Battle and dealing with they mistress and still not divorce after 2 years

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Hello everyone!
So it's been 1 year and 2 month I files for divorced. After finding out my soon to be ex was having an affair. I had to hire a PI to find out the truth. The battle begin and I was awarded sole legal and physical custody in Hawaii. That where my trial started due to the fact that at the time jurisdiction if my child was there.
This man was awarded supervise visit and he wanted the mistress to be the supervisor. He did that and it did not last more then 2 month it was a consit battle. This woman for some crazy reason she had some type of control over my child and me. Once again he file a motion and the jurisdiction was moved to CA. He file again for divorce. Guess who trasspas to my house and was in my living room while I was in the shower! The evil mistress!.... Who does that! I came out if the shower my daughter was watching tv. She was petrified and the mistress threw papers at me in front my child. Outside was my ex smiling like it was a funny thing. I call the cops and they did nothing due to the fact she did not steal anything from my house.
Ok, everyone know that in the state if CA is no fault and they Do not encourage at all sole legal. They rather so joint legal and have the parents kill each other or work it out. 2 moth later we had a other trial in CA. Guess what once again I got sole legal custody. But this time my crazy husband had the odasisty to bring his mistress to the custody hearing. Ladies this is some serious Vigina spell. I had my attourny and he was pro per and his only witness was his 20 something year old mistress. Have in mind that this woman been non stop texting me about them 2 and how they are a family ect. All you txt are held at court. This man lie to this judge and try to say I was a flight risk and to ristrict me to the town I live.
The moral of the story here is. Men is you are till legally married and you show up to court with your mistress badmouth the mother of child. It does not matter if is a no fault state. When the mom has remain single the entire time. Be aware! The judge will always favored the person that has not bright any new influence and negative behavior to the child. Is very detrimental for the child to be put in the middle if this battle.
For the other woman mistress. If the wife is literally telling you and the court I not be involve in the exchange and your not welcome ever to anything. Please please stay the duck away!!! Specially your a mom as well. Where are you morals and value? Better yet don't date or go out with a married men specially when they are kids. The only one who suffer are the kids. Ladies domestic violence is not jut physical! The verbal threats and the constant emails and hate email and drama at each exchange with the cops. Is not worth it ! Stay Away mistress. And always Remeber Karma karma!! He did it to his wife an kids what make you think he will not do it do you!


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I feel for You Lady, but You are absolutely right about the kid's are the ones that are stuck in the middle of all divorcee's and most legal battles. I was one of those children stuck in the middle of a divorcee, the best out come of that was I along with My brother and sister got to stay with Our MOM. Thanks to God we didn't get put with our real father because he was a big time drinker and love to chase after other women. And Yes Karma does go around to whoever does the wrong things or says the wrong things. May God Bless You and Your children always. I just hope and pray that the things these children have gone through doesn't affect their future lives.

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