Child Custody confusion

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My son is 3 years old his father and I have not been together since he was 2 months old. In the beginning he didn't see him for 6 months then he started coming around to see his son but when he visited he seemed to be more concerned with me. When our son was old enough we decided to start meeting at a bounce place and as we watched our son we talked about working things out to get back together and after we discussed what had to chage and agreed to start dating again he said he had a gf currently and couldn't leave her because she may harm herself and that it may take a few months, I was not going to wait around to see if he ended it so we continued our visits and at first I had no problem with his gf until he told her we had tried to work things out and had been intimate while they were dating she sent me a few nasty texts and ever since then when he would visit our son she would tell me to leave or have him ask me to leave. During the summer we had moved our visits to a park near my home and he would come and see our son and I would sit at a table while they played we had no problems until after my son's 3rd birthday. For his 2nd I had a big party invited his whole family and all I heard was complaints about the presents my family got our son was showing off so this year my gram planned a small party that was my family and I figured my son's father could plan his own he found out about the party and during our next visit at the park he brought his gf and they both started in on me about the party so I put our son in the car and told his father I understand he is dating this woman but i do not have to listen to this and let him say goodbye to our son and I left. The next weekend I took our son to his father's mothers house so they could do family pictures all was well 2 days later our son developed a weird rash which was misdiagnosed by a Dr and with the return visit I was told it was Lyme disease and to have our son stay home as much as possible for 3-4 weeks while he took medication for it. I offered for his father to visit him at my home and he refused then when I had to cancel xmas dinner at his grandparents his father was angry with me but he agreed to come to my home Jan 2nd and other but he said he had to sneak up to see his son because his gf didn't want him at my home. Needless to say he never showed those 2 days then later says his car broke on Jan 4th. His father canceled Jan 16th and the 23rd was a snow storm I wouldn't take our son out in. From then until now our son has been to the dr 4 times in a month and each time he is diagnosed with something new but his father is making it seem as if I am making it up and that I've been saying our son has been sick for the past 3 months. I have written everything down in a calendar so I know what happened on what dates. I had a consultation with a lawyer a year or so ago and he said to not go for custody because without an order I am in control but now that it has been so long since he saw our son hesends me nasty messages and even sent me one saying he was going to put a bullet in his skull if he didn't see our son. I understand he wants to see our son but he refuses to meet me anywhere and only wants him alone at his new apartment. He has moved 4 or 5 times in 2 years and has gone through 3 or 4 jobs in a year or so. Do you ladies think court could be the best way to resolve this so his gf does not control when and where he sees our son?


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