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My boyfriend and I split two years ago. When I left, I left with my 3 year old son and my 6 year old daughter (who does not belong to him) but still allowed his father to see him whenever he liked. No problem at all! His father had high hopes of us getting back together and when he found out I was seeing someone else, with my son in his possession on this particular day, went and told a bunch of bogus lies, paid a lawyer and took my rights away immediately. He kept my son away from me for months, whom I had never been away from for not even a day from the time he was born up until the time I left my my ex. Finally when a court date rolls around, I had no representative. I was scared out of my mind, I had never been to court before, I've never had to deal with anything like this before. I couldn't afford a lawyer at the time and had no one to help me. Instead of going in front of a judge, I made the mistake of going into a room with my ex and his lawyer.. I ended up signing a temporary order in which from my understanding would only be good until our next court date saying I could have every Monday, Tuesday, and every other Wednesday with my son. I only signed these papers to be my PROMISE that I would see my son after going all of this time without him. I guess the next court date was to trick me because it never came along .. however I was getting my son Sunday-Thursday every week ... I've finally gotten a lawyer after being drug through hell the past 2 years by my ex. He has used my son as leverage and done his very best to make my life and my relationship with my son little to none. However, my son and I are still very very close, he is only 3 years old and the courts have appointed my a Guardian ad litem for him. I have kept an amazing file of records that have wowed every professional I have came into contact with about my son. Very organized, every page in sheet protectors, very detailed notes about the past year and half I've spent in a living nightmare. I document every single thing I know to keep record of for court. My son also see's a therapist. after many months of sleepless nights, constant worry I was going to leave him, and major break downs having to leave on the day he was due to go back to his fathers he and many bad bad dreams he finally admitted to me that his grandfather was sexually abusing him .. first of all I would never call my child a liar, second of all this made plenty of sense because my ex and I found child pornography on his dad's computer before. I always held a rule in my household that his dad was not to be around either of my children and this rule stood.but when we broke up he was leaving my son overnight with his parents (his dad being the alleged abuser) its just one thing after another .. I'm awaiting my court date now, I've finally got a lawyer, I'm just looking for any advice I could possibly get! Any advice about court, the guardian ad litem .. anything. All of my faith is in God, but every little thing will help!! I've never been through this before and I have no idea what to expect. I am a wonderful single mother and my children are my life line. I've dealt with this for a long time now and I've given God all of my pain just to stay sane but I've held on with lots of hope knowing that it will get better .. I know God has been with my son and I through all of the emotional stress this has caused on us .. it has done a lot of damage to my son and I but we remain the best of buddies just like always... any input would be greatly appreciated. I have left so much out but just know that I have done everything in my power to make things right with my son's father, I've tried very hard and regardless how many times God has picked me up off of the ground and wiped the spit out of my face I have ALWAYS treated his father with the upmost respect. I want my son and his daddy to have a good relationship but I feel like my home is the safest and in the best interests of my son.

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